Introducing Vireo: Sustainable Coatings for a Greener Future

Dear valued partners and industry enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to unveil a game-changing addition to our portfolio that will transform the landscape of sustainable packaging solutions. ProCon is proud to announce the establishment of our new Coating Business Unit and the launch of our revolutionary coating product, Vireo. With Vireo, we are taking a giant leap towards a greener future.

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we have installed three cutting-edge coating lines that enable us to offer a wide range of environmentally-friendly, water-based coatings suitable for various applications. From packaging to cups, Vireo is set to redefine the standards of sustainability in the industry.

At ProCon, we understand the pressing need to reduce the environmental impact of forever chemicals and plastic pollution. With Vireo, we are on a mission to remove massive amounts of plastic from landfills, water, air, food, soils, and forests. Our innovative coatings utilize advanced technology to provide a sustainable alternative, significantly reducing the reliance on harmful petroleum byproducts.

One of the remarkable features of Vireo is its versatility. Our proprietary process, state-of-the-art equipment, precise application techniques, and innovative chemistry allow us to coat substrates ranging from lightweight 9.5lb/17GSM tissue to sturdy 28pt/500GSM paperboard. This broad spectrum of options enables us to cater to diverse packaging needs.

Vireo coatings have been meticulously developed to offer exceptional functionality while remaining environmentally responsible. Our coatings are transparent, allowing for easy customization with brand-specific printing. Whether it’s hot or cold gluing, heat sealing, or overprinting, Vireo delivers outstanding performance across a wide range of applications.

Speaking of applications, Vireo coatings are perfectly suited for numerous products, including sandwich/burger wraps, butcher wraps, ream wraps, envelopes, multi-wall bags, cups (hot and cold), ice cream containers, bakery boxes, fast food containers, frozen food boxes, and chicken tubs. Whatever your packaging requirements may be, we have a sustainable solution that is recyclable, repulpable, and biodegradable.

When it comes to fiber-based packaging that requires grease, oil, and water resistance, Vireo coatings truly shine. With our coatings, we can precisely control the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and the oxygen transmission rate (OTR), ensuring optimal preservation and freshness for food packaging and other consumable products.

Vireo, derived from the Latin word meaning “I am Green,” represents our unwavering commitment to sustainability. The name also pays homage to the green migratory songbird, symbolizing the freedom and progress we aim to achieve with our environmentally-friendly coatings. The Vireo logo, featuring a bird taking flight with a blue tail representing barrier coatings, embodies the spirit of innovation and eco-consciousness that drives our every endeavor.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Experience the power of Vireo coatings and witness firsthand how ProCon is reshaping the packaging industry. Contact our team today to explore how Vireo can transform your packaging solutions into sustainable masterpieces.


Thank you for your unwavering support as we pave the way for a greener tomorrow.