Paper Sales

At ProCon, our Paper Sales Division is a dynamic team committed to providing tailored paper solutions that bolster operations, improve your bottom line, and foster sustainability. We serve a diverse array of printing and end use customers, catering to the unique requirements of each with our wide range of high-quality, mill-guaranteed paper products.

We offer more than just paper sales

We provide a holistic service package designed to meet your needs, from customization to quick turn solutions for urgent needs, to dedicated stocking commitments that ensure next-day delivery. Furthermore, we have integrated sustainable products and services into our paper sales strategy, underscoring our commitment to the environment.

Serving prestigious printers across the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional paper solutions that elevate your brand. Our reach extends to esteemed establishments such as Chick Fil A, Hello Fresh, Disney, Target, and Wells Fargo, whose customer experiences are enhanced by our quality paper products.

Our Paper Sales Division comprises two key components: Direct Business and ProCon Inventory programs. The Direct Business model establishes direct partnerships with industry-leading mill suppliers like Boise, Sappi, Billerud, Twin Rivers, Norpac and more. This approach ensures that we procure top-quality paper directly from the mills and deliver it seamlessly to you, guaranteeing a smooth supply chain.

On the other hand, our ProCon inventory programs offer convenience and flexibility. We acquire parent rolls from trusted mill suppliers, which are then converted into customized rolls or sheets at our state-of-the-art Appleton facility for JIT delivery. This strategy ensures precision cutting, efficient inventory management, and the prompt delivery of tailored paper solutions precisely when you need them.

Whether you require paper for printing, packaging, or a custom project, ProCon is your trusted source for all your paper needs. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional paper solutions that exceed expectations, and together, we can shape the future of the Midwest market.

We’re excited to introduce ProCon’s Vireo product line, a sustainable solution that replaces poly and plastic with our customizable barrier coatings. By choosing our Vireo offerings, our customers can significantly enhance the sustainability of their supply chains while maintaining the high-quality output they’re known for.

Contact us today for more information on how we can enhance your paper solutions.